Upcoming classes:

July 27th Lightroom webinar.

August 1st - our next set of 3 week Lightroom Beginning to End classes begin.

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Education: We are currently offfering Lightroom training classes as well as Photoshop retouching classes. We will be offering more of the services listed below as we build partnerships with other industry specialists.

Consulting: We are available to help you learn how to use your software effectively and efficiently. On-site, virtually from computer to computer, or simple e-mail answers.

Imaging: Tashia has been retouching and designing for over 10 years for leading photographers.

She has the patience of a saint and an eye for the smallest details when it comes to her retouching.

“Helping Photographers learn the necessary skills to work efficiently while enjoying the creativity of their craft.”

Steve & Tashia


On-site Consulting

Virtual Consulting

E-mail Answers

Workflow set-up

Software set-up

Social Networking startup and customization

Photography Q&A


Lightroom Education

Color Management

Photoshop Skills

Retouching Education

Printing & File Preparation

Photography Skills


Client Relations & Sales


Custom Retouching

Image Enhancement

Event Processing

Print Comp Consulting


Graphic Design & Branding

Album Design

Painter Enhancements

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