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Lightroom 2 - Beginning to End 3 week class

You've spent hours "playing" with Lightroom, but you need to learn so much more. You may have even watched a DVD or an on-line video, but you have questions and there was no one to ask. Well, this class should answer most of your questions, and if not we'll find the answers.

Week 1 - Library Module: We'll start with setting up Lightroom for your workflow, importing, sorting, key wording and metadata, collections, file management, exporting and exporting presets.

Week 2 - Develop module: Color correcting, retouching (we will even give you some of our LR retouching presets and show you how to use them), tons of effects (you will get a set of some of our favorite creative pre-sets as well).

Week 3 - Slideshow, Print and Web galleries modules: Creating slideshows and web galleries. Print module and Q&A review: We will help you set up printing templates and picture packages, as well as help you choose the profiles and custom print settings you need to get beautiful results. The second hour will be dedicated to reviewing what we have learned. We will do this by having you ask the questions you need answered to clarify anything you missed or did not understand.

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