Our goal is to help other photographers get back some of the precious time spent on the computer, managing their studio, processing images, and trying to learn the latest software and techniques.

As it says on our home page we want to help you learn the necessary skills to work efficiently while enjoying the creativity of your craft.

A lot of photographers get comfortable with the workflow process they are used to and don’t realize that some of the latest software programs such as Lightroom can cut their processing time in more than half. Many photograhers don’t want to invest the time into learning how to use the latest software so they just stick with what they know; wasting a lot of precious time that they could be spending with their family and friends, and doing the things they enjoy most in life.

Steve is not your typical boring computer guy. His teaching style is thorough and effective without being dry and boring. You may have to slow him down a bit when he gets excited (he gets a bit enthusiastic) but you will never be bored. This is a quality that everyone enjoys about him.

His nature is to serve so he makes sure that the people he teaches and consults get what they expect from his webinars, classes, and one-on-one consultations. He is also a problem solver and will drive himself mad until he finds the answer to difficult questions or odd software behaviors.



The best way to describe Tashia is efficeincy freak and detail oriented with the patience of a saint when it comes to working on digital files.

Tashia has a natural gift of understanding software programs. She can typically figure out the basic knowledge needed to use a software program before she opens a manual or uses the online help. She works very quickly and efficiently and is great at taking care of the tasks that either boggle your mind or drive you crazy.

Tashia is the go to girl for her friends when they have photoshop or Lightroom questions. She does retouching for local high end studios and is looking to add a couple more studios as clients for retouching services.



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